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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Companies Have a Duty to Treat You Right

When accidents occur that cause serious injuries, people often turn to their insurance companies to provide the necessary benefits for the recovery process. Unfortunately, insurance companies often put their interests in profits above the interests of their policyholders and do not live up to their obligations. These are acts of bad faith and further victimize people who have already suffered injuries in Oklahoma.

Individuals who are the victims of insurance bad faith deserve an experienced attorney who can help them pursue the compensation they need and are owed under their policies. At the law firm of The Firm, Law Office Of Dean Foote., PLC., in Tulsa, our lawyers have more than a quarter century of experience dealing with Oklahoma insurance companies and instances of insurance bad faith.

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Denied Insurance Claims in Oklahoma

If you have been denied benefits or are in another dispute with your insurance company, it is important that you have an advocate on your side who will stand up for your rights. Insurance companies have their own skilled teams of attorneys who will attempt to settle issues with policyholders for much less money than they are rightfully owed.

The experience and legal knowledge of our lawyers gives us the ability to properly evaluate your injuries and any other damages that may be covered under your insurance policy. When the insurance company has a good faith duty to appropriately pay an automobile, health or homeowner's insurance claim, we will do all that we can to hold the company to that duty.

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