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Oklahoma Medical Malpractice

Here at “The Frim” we have handled numerous difficult, medical mal practice cases. Malpractice cases are highly complex and expensive. A successful outcome depends on numerous factors, including the facts, the law, the medical circumstances, the credibility of expert testimony used, and the disposition of a jury. Although our results do vary, “The Firm”, Law Offices of Dean Foote, PLC has successfully secured compensation in excess of 7 figures.

If a family member has suffered serious injury or death in the context of medical treatment, call us now, toll free, at 866-866-3476 (918) 317-8137 local) to set up a free consultation

“The Firm” is skilled in obtaining compensation for injuries or death caused by errors committed by doctors, nurses and other providers at the hospital that result in serious or catastrophic injury or death, such as the following:

  • Hospital Error:
  •   negligent hiring of incompetent doctors and nurses
  •   pharmacy errors
  •  U.S. District Court Northern District of Oklahoma
  •   nursing error, including failure to monitor patients and medication errors
  • Doctor Error:
  •   failure to diagnose heart attack, pulmonary embolism, aneurysm, brain tumor, adolescent diabetes, or other ailments
  •   misdiagnoses of testicular torsion, cancer, or other diseases
  •   failure to properly treat injuries
  •   failure to detect failing pacemaker
  •   improper placement of devices such as guide wires and biopsy needles resulting in injury and death
  • Emergency Room Error:
  •   failure to detect or treat impending heart attack
  •   misdiagnosis of fatal infection
  • Prescription Drug Error:
  •   improper administration of medication, such as overmedication with blood thinners
  •   use of wrong medication
  • Surgical error:
  •   improper surgical technique
  •   lack of oxygen during surgery
  •   anesthesia error in ankle surgery resulting in death
  •   surgical implements; leaving foreign objects in the body

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